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Rachelle welcomes you

Création Rachelle can provide bonbonieres, favors and keepsakes for all your memorable events.

What you see here are only some typical examples. Many other styles can be created, in different color schemes.

Browse these pages, see samples of the work we can produce and then contact us to discuss your needs.

For the best interaction with our clients, we mainly serve the Greater Montreal area. However we can also ship orders out of town.


Why do we give bonbonnieres, favors, souvenirs at important events like weddings and baptisms?

It's because we want to share the joy with all our guests. We want everybody to have a memento of the happy event.

The custom as we know it goes back to the middle ages. In all cultures there's always some kind of keepsake of such joyous events, like a wedding, the birth of a child and so on.


All the favors and giftware produced by Création Rachelle are assembled with the greatest care to detail, and a keen eye for coordination with the client's color schemes.

If at times certain materials are not available, we will readily propose other quality substitutions, always aiming to satisfy you, the client.


We can advise you on the best options, work within your budget and the timeframe available.

We will coordinate with your event planner, florist or decorator to provide the best products that you expect and that we can provide.

We take pride in our work. We want you, the client, to be proud of this as well.

Your full satisfaction is our goal.